Houseworld is created by Andrew Hoepfner

The Person in the Dining Room: bxk
Ol' Joe: Mike Campbell
The Healer: Angela Carlucci
The Rain: Magali Charron
The Director: Taylor Edelhart
Amaya: Larkin Grimm
The Weeping Woman: Dennie Hausen
The Greeter: Andrew Hoepfner
Sound Immersion Musician: Michael Jay
Elsa: Sherry Katopodes
Prelude Musician: Kelsey Lu
Charles: Alexandra Moro
The Cook: Salvatore Musumeci
The Blind Date: Hannah Nichols
The Monster: Ben Pagano
The Woman in the Bed: Beth Pagano
The Photographer: Rick Patrick
The Wind: Jenny Reed
The Bathtub Guru: Joe Crow Ryan
Reyna: Uriel Shlush-Reyna
The Angel of Peace and Light: Jesse Smith / Alice Epanchintseva
The Man with Sensitive Ears: Jason Trachtenburg
Prelude Musician: We Encourage You

Associate Director: Lilleth Glimcher
Assistant Director: Alex Tobey
Lighting Designer: MJ Kanai
Set Designers: Brooke Herr, Emily Breeze, John Patrick Wells, Juan Marin, Marie Demple, Shannon Pollak
Costume Designer: Savana Leveille
Video Designer: Preston Spurlock
Creative Assistants: Emily Barrett, Alice Epanchintseva, and Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn
Security: Daniel Severino
Interns: Chloe Hooton, Gabrielle Haber, Julia Hillman, and Justin Gaynor
Sound contributions by Katie Rose Sardelli

Beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery. 
79 N 11th St. 

Pizza provided by Vinnie's Pizzeria
148 Bedford Ave

Houseworld is made possible by our Kickstarter backers, to whom we are deeply grateful.