Full credits for BOTO, Waves, and Gymnopedie

We have a huge creative operation happening in Bushwick, and the tiny, stylized program we hand out at the end of BOTO can barely list the basics. What follows is our ever-accumulating best attempt at the full credits.

Church partners at Bushwick United Methodist Church

The church upstairs is our generous host. They were open to our experiment and give us a giant opportunity by letting us make art in their basement and fund our growth through venue rental. We thank:

Pastor Sharon Cundy
Charlie Tucker
Sister Beverly
Jermaine and Sheena
Sister Lucy
Sister Joslin
Sister Joyce
Pastor Loughlin
The four church congregations

Early renovation team

An incredible group of supportive friends voluntarily pitched in when Gymnopedie was a junkyard.

Luke Elmer
Alice Epanchintseva
Barbara Muesing
Jon Williams
Joro Boro
Leah Ableson
Sal Musumeci
Megan Kirk
Max Robinson
Sherry Katopodes
Starr Sanford
Eric Barry Drasin
Katie Wagner
Bobby Marcus

Ongoing renovations

Our handyperson at Gymnopedie is Lawrence Miller
Our electrician is Calvin Neptune


A small, growing group has contributed to the development of our new immersive performance, Bottom Of The Ocean.

Primary collaborator: Chia Lynn Kwa
Costume Designer: Laura Borys

Melinda Lauw
Evan Neiden
Uriel Slush-Reyna
Alice Epanchintseva
Laura Ornella
Magali Charron
Emily Chauvin


Many folks have contributed to the operation of our weekly sound bath

Will Watt
Thom Disley
Laura Ornella
Oliver Hong
Tomson Tee
Megan Kirk
Asya Gorovits
Uriel Shlush-Reyna
Ben Pagano
Leah Ableson
Jason Silva
Hannah Nichols

The creation and operation of Gymnopedie, and the creation and development of Waves and BOTO, its long term performances, are led by Andrew Hoepfner.