Houseworld began as a surrealist immersive theater performance. We invite our guests to enter an historic mansion and step into a dreamworld. 

In Houseworld, guests are free to find their own path, from the dark recesses of the basement to the illumination of the attic. Each room contains a different emotion. Each character represents a different facet of the human psyche. 

The surreal inhabitants of the house deliver a heightened sense of intimacy, which is often experienced one on one. 

Through exploring Houseworld, the audience is guided into the deepest parts of themselves. 

Houseworld, the performance, originated as a secret happening in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was then presented to the public in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in late 2015. Houseworld, the company, is now expanding its scope, staging numerous immersive experiences in a range of settings. New large-scale immersive performances are being developed, along with plans to present an elaborately produced incarnation of Houseworld.